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Our New York editor, Jai Shukla, has collaborated with the team at Merkley + Partners to bring you the Mercedes campaign for the PGA Masters!

May 24, 2022

Originally scheduled as a Monday through Wednesday shoot, the weather had other ideas. Twice on the first shoot day they had to shut down for lightning, and “the beautiful waterfalls had to becolor corrected in post because they turned to brown rivers,” Jeff says. “The Tuesday shoot had to be cancelled and rebooked for Thursday. I lost my original crew because of schedule conflicts, so we basically were left to produce the shoot the day before it happened.”

They’d rented gear, uncertain about what they’d actually be able to use under the changing conditions. “We had a MotoCrane Russian arm, but we didn’t know if it would get stuck in the mud. We couldn’t bring in our Condor because we couldn’t get to the location anymore for lighting. Everything was shifting, so we really didn’t know what we were getting into until the day before.”